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Integrated GPS (iGPS)
After debuting the world's first Integrated GPS housing unit for kayaks nearly two years ago, Atlantis Kayaks has improved the iGPS with a new revolutionary design capable of housing almost any waterproof handheld device on the market. The iGPS unit is ´┐Żopen platformed' which means that kayakers with existing GPS units or cameras can easily mount them by way of inexpensive OEM or third party cradles. The unit, which is built into the deck of the kayak, allows paddlers hands free utilization and convenient storage of their favourite handheld GPS or camera.
  • Fits Most Makes/Models of Handheld GPS Units or Cameras
  • Front Deck Mounting
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Convenient Viewing
  • Flips Up/Flips Down
  • Constructed of Rugged, Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Great for Geocaching!
  • Available for the Titan and TitanVI